Acquisitions and Funding in 2022


TO: Mount St. Joseph Association Members

FROM: Mount St. Joseph Association Board

Rita Lavelle, President
Ann Petersen, Vice President
Dominick Clarizio, Treasurer
Steve Anichini
Lisa Clements
Kevin Joyce
Al Ritter
Marion Timmins
Scott Vowinkel

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2023, we are grateful that the ongoing pandemic has not slowed the commitment and support of our Association members. Check out the 2022 list of events and fundraisers: it’s heartwarming to see what Mount St. Joseph was able to accomplish with your help this past year.

We look forward to sharing our exciting plans for 2023 in the near future!

Acquisitions and Funding in 2022

  • Two chair lifts
  • Furniture recovering in Sacred Heart Cottage
  • Repairs for the campus well
  • On-campus concerts/performances
  • Holiday activities for Community Day Services
  • Walk On Equine Therapy
  • Quarterly Staff Appreciation bonuses
  • Birthday gifts for the Staff, Sisters and Fr. Fortunato
  • Christmas gifts for the Staff, Sisters and Fr. Fortunato
  • Catered meals for special events
  • Special Olympics hotel and meals
  • Cottage Committee supplies
  • “Wish List” requests for CDS/Nursing/Office


February 14 Valentine’s Day activities in CDS
February 14 Catered meal: pizza
March 19 Catered meal: loaded baked potatoes
March Afternoon at the Movies
April 12 & 13 Easter & Earth Day activities in CDS
April Afternoon at the Movies
June Launch of the Cottage Committees
June Afternoon at the Movies
June 6 Outdoor concert: Mike & Traci
June 15 Outdoor Concert: M-Hart
July Cottage Committee Activities
July Afternoon at the Movies
July 21 Walk On Equine Therapy
August Cottage Committee Activities


August/September Fancy Fencing Project
September Cottage Committee Activities
September 12 Outdoor Performance: Roz Puppets
September 17 Outdoor Concert: Wild Daisy
September 21 Outdoor Concert: M-Hart
September 22 Walk On Equine Therapy
October Cottage Committee activities
October 3 Performance by Mike “Elvis” Bishop
October 20 Walk On Equine Therapy
October 22 Halloween Dog Parade
October 31 Halloween activities in CDS


November Cottage Committee activities
November 12 Concert: Wild Daisy
November 17 Walk On Equine Therapy
November 22 Thanksgiving activities in CDS
December Cottage Committee activities
December 8 Walk On Equine Therapy
December 19 &20 Christmas activities in CDS
December Christmas card project