Coming Soon ….. Cottage Committees!

It’s almost spring…which means that Cottage Committees will be launching soon!

Why the shift from campus-wide activities to cottage-based activities? Many of our campus-wide activities are no longer sustainable due to the uneven distribution of volunteers, the difficulty in recruiting large numbers of volunteers for single events, the increased number of wheelchairs, the shortage of Mount St. Joseph staff, and the ongoing pandemic restrictions. But there is a great, sustainable alternative: the Cottage Committees!

Cottage Committees are composed of family and friends from each cottage. Each committee can tailor its activities to the needs of the residents. Events require little or no planning and are easy to manage; they provide more opportunities for the residents to experience fun and friendship, particularly on the weekends.

You may have questions. We have answers!

FAQs about Mount St. Joseph Association Cottage Committees:

The launch is set for mid-April, as the weather improves.

Can you play Bingo? Play Beanbag Toss? Go for a walk? These are no-stress events. You’ll have fun too! The residents benefit from small, frequent activities.

Cottage Committees will have access to a fully-stocked tub of materials/games/crafts, etc. The Events Committee will provide a generic list of suggestions, monthly seasonal suggestions, and support.

Cottage Committees will schedule one or two activities per month (outside) for their own cottage. Weekends are best, as this is the time when the residents have little to do. Your committee can make its own schedule in consultation with your housemother.

There will be a few outdoor concerts and parades planned for all residents, but most activities will be conducted at the cottage level. The Events Committee will continue to support Community Day Services with seasonal games, crafts and materials.

No worries! There will be a reservation system for use of the gazebos.

Then your cottage’s residents will have no regular activities.

Fully vaccinated/masked volunteers may participate in on-campus activities in outdoor settings. Unvaccinated volunteers may assist in ordering materials and planning but may not participate in on-campus activities.

You can help plan or order materials. When you are in town, you can assist with an activity.

To sign up, contact Marion Timmins, Volunteers Chair: or (224) 595-3708.

Do NOT wait. In order to properly equip each cottage, we need to know of your intent NOW.

Lisa Clements, Events Committee Co-chair: or (847) 814-1867

Julie Vowinkel, Events Committee Co-chair: or (847) 691-9149