Cottage Committees – July 2022 Update

Various dates in July
July Trained Volunteers: Lisa Clements, Linda Koy, Sharon Murray, and Julie Vowinkel

One of the two St. Clare Cottage Committees is underway!

In mid-July, seven St. Clare residents enjoyed outdoor activities in the gazebo, all beginning with bowling, bubbles, and Bingo!

Volunteer Sharon Murray brought in daughter Cheryl’s wheelchair bowling ramp so all participants were successful at the game. Bingo prizes were awarded. At the end, all residents were given a wheelchair ride around the gazebo. It was a lovely morning!

The Guanella Cottage Committee has offered activities on several weekends and also Friday afternoons before supper.

Weekend activities In July included: campus and gazebo walks, parachute toss, bowling, bubbles, beach ball toss, target practice with Super Soaker guns, water balloons, “fish” scooping, garden care, bean bag toss, and Bingo.

Friday afternoon activities in July were: exercise workouts, gazebo walks, Make a Face sticker sheets, Paint with Water sheets, Baby Animal Memory game and Bingo. Most days began or ended with the ladies sipping sugar-free lemonade.

By the way: these activities and more are contained in the Cottage Committee bins stocked by the Mount St. Joseph Association. Each cottage has a large bin and a small laundry basket (St. Clare has two of each) stuffed with games/crafts and stored in the cottage.

We hope that all cottages will join the fun before the end of the summer! To sign up, contact Marion Timmins, Volunteers Chair: or 224-595-3708.

(And don’t forget to contact Cecil Natividad of Mount St. Joseph to begin the Volunteer Training process.)