Erin — by her sister Mary Beth

Erin -- By Her Sister Mary Beth

During these crazy times of pandemic, quarantine and isolation, Mount St. Joseph has been the saving grace. The ladies cannot go to work, see family members or participate in the numerous activities that they look forward to- all important to ensure their health and safety. Thank God for the Sisters and remarkable staff that come each day to love, care and provide for them in these very trying times.

Luckily, I live in the area and was able to take Erin home for an extended home visit. She is “easy”, but still requires activities, showers, medication, and conversation to keep her entertained. God bless the staff and Sisters, as I know what they do daily is not easy.

I know Erin misses her ladies and activities at the Mount. She asks daily about certain individuals and staff. I know she’s looking forward to getting back to her very fulfilling life with her peers and the home she calls “my place”. “Is it Monday?,” she keeps asking me. She lives to work. Who does that??

As much as I love having her here at home, her life with all its challenges is truly benefited most by having her place at Mount St. Joseph. I know she’ll be happy to get back to all that Little Kitty decor that decorates her room there. Dear Lord, we are praying for things to return to some semblance of normal. 🙏 Watching Sunday mass on television is not the same as being at Mount St. Joseph and listening to our talented bell choir! We both look forward to when we can return.

— Erin and Mary Beth