Fancy Fencing

A Joint Project between Mount St. Joseph Association & Community Day Services


A large patio outside Mount St. Joseph Association Room A is protected by wooden fence slats that are visible to those on the patio and to those walking the grounds. Over time, these slats have become weathered and rotted, necessitating their removal.
Mount St. Joseph

Association volunteers and Community Day Services staff are assisting residents in decorating brand-new slats, which are beautiful!!! This is a big project; we will share periodic photos of our progress!

Chair: Lisa Clements

Community Day Service Volunteers: Jessica Albarran, Isabel Arteaga-Ruiz, Cheryl Berman, Briley Cortes, Yessica Dominguez, Kayla Farwell, Gayla Hayden, Dayna Hernandez-Martinez, John Lewandowski, Sharon Lewandowski, Beth McQuaid, Vianey Ortega, Maria Tellez, Denise Vera, Sharon Thiel, Wendy Wagner, & Athina Yousef

Mount St. Joseph Association Volunteers: Julie Vowinkel and Karen Wallace