February Ideas for Your Cottage

NO COST ACTIVITY: Borrow some fun Valentine’s Day books from your local public library and share some stories.

NO COST ACTIVITY: Help the residents to decorate their cottage for Valentine’s Day. (Check with the housemother.) Excess Valentine’s Day decorations are on a round table in Mount St. Joseph Association Room B. Help yourself!

If a cottage staff member is available to supervise, round up the residents and head to the Gym. (Check with Sr. Rhonda in advance about the availability of the Gym.)

        • Warm-ups: Do some stretches. Walk/ride around the Gym.
          Relay Races: Run, walk, or ride in a wheelchair.
        • Ball Toss: Situate the residents on the large circle in the Gym. Volunteers stand in the middle of the circle and toss large balls to residents.
        • Parachutes: In your cottage bin you will find a nylon parachute and lots of small, soft balls. Have the residents hold on to edges of the parachute. Toss the balls into the center and begin moving the parachute up and down. The balls will fly high into the air. How long can you keep all of the balls on the parachute?
        • Bowling: Each cottage bin has a small bowling set. There is also a large bowling set available for check-out. It located in the Cottage Committees Room (Inside Mount St. Joseph Association Room B.)
        • Soft Snowballs: Don’t forget about our stash of more than 100 indoor snowballs!

The Mount St. Joseph Association has ordered some preliminary equipment for Gym activities: large balls, small cones, soccer balls, and a portable soccer goal. If there is sufficient interest from the Cottage Committees, additional equipment will be purchased.

LOW COST ACTIVITY: Make valentines, of course! ‘Tis the season! Create valentines for family, friends and staff.

LOW COST ACTIVITY: Movie Day! Pick a seasonal DVD or an old favorite. (In December, Mary Kay and Moly Everett brought the movie “Elf” to St. Joseph Cottage, along with hot chocolate and cookies. ) The Children’s Department of your local public library houses many DVDs for Valentine’s Day.

Marion Timmins is working on a theme-based literature kit with accompanying sensory activities for Sacred Heart Cottage. The kit will include a book with visual and tactile objects to enhance the story along with a simple activity direction sheet. If this kit is well-received by the residents, more kits will be created.

The Mount St. Joseph Association recently ordered a VOCA (Voice Output Communication Assistance) switch to support this project in Sacred Heart.