Gifts for Staff

Employee Appreciation Gifts

Staff GiftsSr. Charleen reported that the staff was “very surprised and appreciative” of the special cash gift delivered to all employees in recognition of their tireless dedication to our loved ones.

Each regular staff member received $200 in cash from the Mount St. Joseph Association, and each trainee received a $25 gift card. In addition, each Sister was given two gift cards totaling $200.

We love to have the opportunity to show our staff and Sisters how much they mean to us!

Mary Beth Janak, Director of Human Resources: I just wanted to thank the Association for the extremely generous gift to all employees. Words cannot express my gratitude. I am truly overwhelmed by it! God love all of you!

Emily Andreasik, Nursing: It is very thoughtful and generous of the Association to think of us. Thank you for the monetary gift and the good thoughts and prayers that come with it. God Bless.

Beth McQuaid, DT QIDP: Thanks so much to the Association for their incredible generosity and support of staff at all times and in particular during these challenging times we face right now. It is such a blessing to us and our families and our gratitude is heartfelt.

Co-chairs: Arn Baranchik and Camille Baranchik