Mount St. Joseph Association’s 15th Annual Golf Outing

Royal Melbourne Country Club, Long Grove
Monday, August 22, 2022

This very successful and enjoyable event raised more than $56,000!
Join us on August 21, 2023 at Royal Melbourne Country Club!

The winning team—Steve Anichini, Dean Anichini, George McGuire & Ryan McGuire—achieved a low score of 55 or -17 under par. Each member of the foursome received a $100 gift card to the Pro Shop at Royal Melbourne Country Club.

Winning Team at Annual Golf event

Three energetic volunteers from the Compass/Blackshaw Messel Group—-Nick Blackshaw, Matt Messel & Jenny Santi—manned the popular Air Cannon Hole. They persuaded ALL the 137 golfers to participate, raising an additional $3425! We thank Nick, Matt and Jenny for their lively enthusiasm and their commitment to the Mount St. Joseph Association!

Compass:Blackshaw Messel Group
Air Canon Hole game

Our Sponsors

Gold Sponsors ($500)
George and Valerie Anichini
Mike Collins
Tim & Ellyn Collins (Coldwell Banker)
Haggerty Buick GMC (Bill Haggerty)
Dennis & Debbie Martin
Dan & Wendy McCarthy (Waterville Advisors)
Eileen Burns Neary
North American Clutch Corporation
Jaqueline Richer
George Sollitt Construction Company
John & Cindy Taylor
Karen & Robert Wallace

Silver Sponsors ($250)
George & Debbie Conrad
Karen Cushing
Erik Daiker
Steve Frainey (TelEnergy Advisors)
Laughton & AJ Joyce
Sean Joyce
Mike & Katie O’Connor
Mary & James Rieck
Rita & Kurt Raggi
Nancy & Brad Richardson
Ken & Claudia Roselli
Philip & Nancy Sheridan
Marion & Terry Timmins
Scott & Julie Vowinkel
John & Mary Beth Wagener

Bronze Sponsors ($150)
Valerie & David Brockmann
Alfred & Emily Ceragioli
George & Suzanne Jensen
Jim, Joe & John Kocher
Betty Liesz
Lawrence & Sheila Schiffler
Sheila Scott
Betsy Stavropoulos
Sue & Bill Thoms
Anthony & Michele Williams

Brass Sponsors ($100)
Jack Baldwin (TFG)
Elaine Conrad
George & Charmaine Grimelli
Joy Builders
Edward Kemper
William & Norah O’Brien
Mary Beth Santi
Norm & Nancy Schreiber
Aurora Stanton (Genesys)
Samantha Tropek
Donald & Gail Vitek

Miscellaneous Sponsors
Michael Monehan

Co-chairs: Joe Joyce & Rita Lavelle

Event Volunteers: Nick Blackshaw, Lisa Clements, Mary Casey Collins, Jack Collins, Tracey DiFalco, Joe Joyce, Kevin Joyce, Patrick Joyce, Sean Joyce, Tim Joyce, Ryan Lavelle, Matt Messel, Ann Petersen, Jenny Santi, Marion Timmins & Terry Timmins

Additional Volunteers: Camille Baranchik, Jim Rieck, Mary Rieck, Julie Vowinkel, & Scott Vowinkel