Holiday Gifts 2021

Christmas Tree With Baubles And Blurred Shiny Lights

Cash Gifts to Employees
Each December, employees in every department receive a bonus based on longevity and full/part-time status. The families and supporters of the Mount St. Joseph Association know that 2021 was particularly challenging for our staff, and we were pleased to show our appreciation in December.

Gift Cards to the Sisters and Father
We treasure our Sisters and Fr. Fortunato, and we’re honored to extend a small token of our appreciation each Christmas. VISA/MasterCard gift cards were presented to Sr. Darlene, Sr. Madonna, Sr. Marcella, Sr. Margaret Mary, Sr. Marilyn, Sr. Rhonda, Sr. Theresa, and Fr. Fortunato.

Holiday Gifts for Staff
Holiday Gifts for Staff

Holiday Gifts Committee: Dominick Clarizio and Rita Lavelle