Ideas For Your Cottage

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March Ideas!

• NO COST ACTIVITY: Do “laundry” together. Bring in lots of pairs of socks (Each pair rolled into a ball) and a couple of laundry baskets. Throw rolled socks into the baskets.

• NO COST ACTIVITY: Play Memory together. There is a Memory game in your Cottage Committee bin. Make it easy (a few matches) or hard (many matches).

• NO COST ACTIVITY: The Mount St. Joseph Association has leftover St. Patrick’s Day decorations. The bin is on a table in Mount St. Joseph Association Room B. Help yourself.

• LOW COST ACTIVITY: Hide golden coins (available this time of year) and have residents hunt for lucky coins.

• LOW COST ACTIVITY: Buy green cardstock and shoelaces. (Old/odd shoelaces work too!) Trace a large shamrock on each sheet of card stock. Cut out. Use a hole punch to make holes about an inch from the edges of the shamrock. Then give each resident a shoelace to weave through the holes.

• LOW COST ACTIVITY: Replicate the St. Clare tie-dye art project. Cut out seasonal shapes. (Thanks for the idea, St. Clare!)

Materials: coffee filters, a spray bottle, and an assortment of washable markers.
Directions from Lynn Destry: “Flatten out the coffee filter, use washable markers and make squiggly lines, shapes, flowers, rainbows, anything the ladies like. Spritz with a spray bottle. Let dry for about 10 minutes and cut into a heart. Use a plastic tablecloth and newspaper. The colors will run!