Important Note about Resident Events

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Please read carefully. This change which will affect all residents.

COMING THIS SPRING: Cottage-based activities and events for our residents!

Many of our campus-wide activities are no longer sustainable due to the uneven distribution of volunteers, the difficulty in recruiting large numbers of volunteers for single events, the increased number of wheelchairs, and the shortage of Mount St. Joseph staff.

One cottage, Guanella, has piloted the cottage model with resounding success. Smaller, simpler events for just 15-18 residents are easier to plan and manage. Cottage-based activities better meet the needs of residents, offer more frequent opportunities for basic fun, and foster better personal interactions.

The switch to the cottage-based model will not affect the Events Committee’s sponsorship of activities for Community Day Services.

Here’s how the cottage-based program will work:

Family/friends from each cottage will form a Cottage Committee. The Events Committee will provide ideas, support, and lists of supplies/games on hand. If needed, we will assist your cottage in coming up with activities (subject to the prevailing pandemic restrictions as well as post-pandemic conditions).

Please note that the activities/events planned by the Cottage Committees will replace many of the campus-wide activities. Volunteers from other cottages will not be taking the responsibility for your cottage.

You will really enjoy having increased input and ownership of activities for your own cottage. You’ll be able to offer activities which specifically target the needs of your cottage, yet do not require a lot of planning. Sign up now so that we can launch in the spring!

Questions? Contact:
Lisa Clements
Events Committee Co-chair Events, Cottage Committee Chair
(847) 814-1867 (C)


Julie Vowinkel, Committee Co-chair
 (847) 956-1724 (H)
 (847) 691-9149 (C)

To volunteer for your Cottage Committee, contact:
Marion Timmins, Volunteers Chair
(224) 595-3708