Introducing Two More New Board Members

Debbie Conrad and Mary Kay Everett have joined the
Mount St. Joseph Association Board of Directors!

Debbie Conrad - MTSTJA Boared Member

Debbie Conrad

Debbie Conrad, mother of Sarah (St. Clare Cottage), has been an active member of the Mount St. Joseph Association since Sarah moved to Mount St. Joseph in 2009.

Debbie has chaired the popular Valentine’s Day party for 12 years (plus co-chairing it for 2 years prior to taking the lead). She is a member of the St. Clare Cottage Committee. Throughout the years, Debbie has volunteered at numerous Mount St. Joseph Association events, including: Halloween Party, St. Patrick’s Day Party, Wacky Water Day, Fun Fair, Dog Parade, and Marriott-Lincolnshire performances.

She has participated in the Autumn Leaves and Walkathon fundraisers. In addition, she has assisted the Mount St. Joseph QIDPS on field trips and has chaperoned week-long stays at Fish Lake, Indiana. Debbie is a stay-at-home mom.

She is married to George, retired chief of the Chicago Fire Department. They have two adult children: Brian and Sarah. “I look forward to being involved as a Board member and getting to know everyone better,” said Debbie

Mary Kay Everett - MTSTJA Board Member

Mary Kay Everett

Mary Kay Everett, mother of Katelyn (St. Joseph Cottage), has been very involved with the Mount St. Joseph Association, beginning with Katelyn’s move to Mount St. Joseph in 2010.

Mary Kay and her daughter Molly are members of the St. Joseph Cottage Committee. Mary Kay has volunteered for many events, including the Halloween Party, Valentine’s Day Party, St. Patrick’s Day Party, St. Joseph’s Day Party, Wacky Water Day, Fun Fair, and Dog Parade.

She has also prepared activities for parties in Community Day Services and has participated in the Walkathon and Autumn Leaves fundraisers. In addition, she chaperoned two trips to Fish Lake, Indiana with Sr. Madonna.

Mary Kay taught in the Chicago Public Schools, mostly kindergarten. She is married to Harry, a retired Chicago Police Department officer. They have three grown children: Ryan (Cindy), Katelyn, and Molly (Chris). Ryan and Cindy have two young sons.

“I would like to be on the Board to become more active and help where I can,” stated Mary Kay.