Upcoming Events for Residents in 2022

As the pandemic shifts and reshapes, so do our Mount St. Joseph Association activities. We continue to provide activities, materials and prizes for celebrations in Community Day Services. Other MSJA events requiring volunteers are conducted outside only during warmer months. 

Although the Events Committee will offer some outside concerts and parades in 2022, most activities will be conducted at the cottage level (outside) beginning this spring. 

This where you come in. The Events Committee will provide ideas, support, and lists of materials on hand. Then your Cottage Committee can plan some simple, fun things for your residents to do outside in spring, summer, and fall.

Your committee can establish its own schedule. Sign up now to join your Cottage Committee so that your cottage is ready to go when the weather gets warmer. (It will get warmer eventually!)

Just a gentle reminder: Volunteers from other cottages will not be taking the responsibility for your cottage.

To volunteer for your Cottage Committee, contact:

Marion Timmins, Volunteers Chair
tm@timmins.us or (224) 595-3708